Digital & Written Content

With college qualifications gained in the 90's, in Sound & Video Recording Studies (Sound & TV Production), then Music Tech & Management, then another year in Information Studies, circa 18 years in IT Support, 36 years as a Musician & Composer/Songwriter, add to that over ten years creating websites for businesses & creative people, and then add to that, setting up websites to promote Filmmakers, Musicians in Scotland and creating content and writing up interviews for those, then latterly, creating most of the content (videos, interviews, photography) on my client Freshman Guitars website, which I set up and manage, and, responsible for devising all projects on the pages to drive custom/visitors to the site, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in digital and creative communication.

Using Music, Video, Photography and the written word, I can help you "communicate" your brand and message in your Digital Marketing or Web campaigns.

The key is "communicating effectively AND efficiently. Too much info turns people away. Present it well and you have an audience. Even more so if you "BRING VALUE" to them !

Photography - Artwork - Video Creation

I have been setting up websites for myself, Businesses & Creatives for over ten years. Self promotion and promotion for others teaches you a lot about what works and what doesn't. To view my E-commerce, Digital Content & Writing skills, visit - I set up this e-commerce/Music Mag hybrid website for my client and introduced Marketing strategies (pages) to bring in custom and increase site visits. I also created the projects to "bring value" to musicians and increased Social Media output and activity after the site went live.  

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