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Prices from £275.00


Dependent upon room quantity, overall information within the site and if photos required.

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As a Photographer, a Composer of music, a Songwriter, a Gardener who started out in Catering (Commis Chef) back before my college days in the early 1990's, I have a strong kinship with things being in their place, with balance and a strong aesthetic value.  Added to this, my 20 year career in IT Support along with my college qualifications in Information Studies (HND) and my skills in Digital Content and Marketing, I am well placed to create clinical, colourful and informative, uncluttered websites for Hotels and B&B's.

You want traffic driven to your website and to stay on it, to make a reservation. Cluttered, uninformative websites with poor visuals put people off and they won't come back.  I can help your Hotel/B&B business capture more bookings, combined with some Social Media advice and use of images and video to entice customers/clients to come back.

Please Note:  Should you wish to "Self Manage" your new website from Espedair Creative, there will have to be a Training Session scheduled, to show you how to use the back end Dashboard etc. It's relatively easy once you get the hang of it, but it does require Training for one morning, or afternoon at £85.00 for the session. Alternatively, Espedair Creative can "manage" the website for you, for a monthly fee, with updates, new photos or Blog entries etc - Monthly Fee's start at £25.00 per month 

So what exactly do you get with your new Hotel or B&B website from Espedair Creative ?

Wix Hotels Booking System

A fully automated Room Booking System, manage prices, photos, information and more. 

HTML Newsletters

You can send out Newsletters to Subscribers, with info, photos, videos and more...


Blogs are a great way to keep your customers informed and, it keeps your website interesting and engaging.

Video Maker

A great Marketing tool. Create short videos with photos and royalty free music, a magical way to liven up your social media.

Live Chat

Download the App and you can respond to enquiries on your new website in real time, from your phone.

Logo Maker

A wonderful tool if you don't have a Logo, create one from scratch.

Dashboard Tools

A full Dashboard, with tools and Apps to use, to help your business. Also Marketing tools.

Live Stream Video

Yes, you can Live Stream from your phone, via the website, let your potential clientele see your Hotel/B&B in real time. Shocase events, parties, workshops etc