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There is a new kid in town and he's here to stay.  NFT's are about to change the world, especially for music creators, artists, photographers, bands, singer-songwriters, composers, authors, designers.


The way in which digital works/creations have been sold or showcased/traded is about to change and impact on the mainstream. With artists and bands (Kings of Leon) releasing content via NFT's, the possibilities for this new tech, which is tied to crypto-currency and Blockchain, is about to go through the roof. And it will provide new revenue streams and possibilities for creatives. NFT's are a game changer as far as Copyright & Ownership are concerned and puts that squarely at helm & benefit of the original creator of the digital work.​

The tech and details of NFT's, Crypto and Blockchain are complicated, but the premise is simple. If you're a Band or Music Artist, who releases music consistently, and, who have a growing following/fan base, or even an established base, then your revenue streams could multiply tenfold with NFT's. But this is a long term gain, to help you build your own community based around NFT's.



With nearly 20 years in IT Support (click here for experience), 10 years in setting up websites, Web Creation/Management & Marketing of a well known & respected guitar brand, as well as being a Musician of over 30 years, a Composer, Composer Agent, a self produced Songwriter, a Photographer of 20 years and I've produced demos for aspiring music artists, as well as signing Music Publishing/TV Sync previously, I can guide you into the world of NFT's and make it all easier to comprehend. NFT's are going to change the world. Hang onto your hats !  

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This also applies to Artists, Photographers, Designers....

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Examples of our potential NFTs (below) - Cover art and photos. It will also incorporate art, video, music, animation, tech drawings, scripts, digital art etc etc by other creators....

This is a new development for Espedair Creative, more news soon !