NFT's/Blockchain - When The Waters Calm

Something very big is coming to the fore for music creators, artists, initially, but will extend beyond these realms and affect every aspect of our lives ! NFT's.

Bit of a buzz around them just now, but, once the dust settles and it all becomes normalised, they will change everything. NFTs are tokens, representing digital content and/or physical product. They are traded on Blockchain technology, using crypto currencies, which is the game changer. Blockchain is essentially a Ledger, and once written to it, digital, cannot be tampered with. So copyrights/royalties for digital art, music, books etc etc and anything contractual, even banking/finance, will be using NFTs on Blockchain.

I have approx 20 years in IT Support, 10 years setting up websites, musician, composer, photographer, videographer etc etc...also studied Information Studies at college (as well as Music Tech/Sound & Video) at college in the early 1990s...and it's taken me almost a month to try and comprehend what's going on with NFTs and what impact they will have on our lives, more specifically, on the lives and works of music creators and artists, writers, photographers, videographers etc....its huge and its going to take out middle men in music/art distribution and put the copyright/ownership and revenue streams (in perpetuity !!!) back with the original creators of their works.

I'll have more information soon on my NFT Agent service, keep an eye on here or my website for updates. NFT's are going to change the lives of creatives !! Blockchain is going to change EVERYTHING ! >>>

More news soon !


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